Act responsibly – shape the future

Social responsibility and sustainable economies are the supporting pillars of our corporate strategy and entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, environmental protection and the safety and diversity of our employees is a permanent part of our culture.

To substantiate this claim, we implemented the environment and energy management system according to DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 50001 certification standards. Every year we report on our progress and our contribution to sustainability, which we achieve worldwide as the VOSS Group. To review and download VOSS Automotive and VOSS Fluid certifications please select the links below:

VOSS Automotive Certifications
VOSS Fluid Certifications

For an overview of the values practiced at VOSS – please select the VOSS Compliance Politics and the VOSS Code of Ethics. Annual training courses ensure that these values are lived in the entire company.

Environmentally-friendly practices

As a constantly growing company, it is extremely important to handle resources carefully. That is why we are constantly working on making the production of our products more efficient. Innovative technology and a sustainable management system helped us to reduce the specific consumption of resources and specific emissions worldwide over the last few years. Our progress is measured on the basis of key figures that are recorded according to the legal requirements of the respective sites.

Energy consumption

We could reduce the specific consumption of power and gas – that is energy consumption in kWh per 100 pieces of produced items – by 11 % in the last two years. In 2018, the specific consumption remained relatively unchanged.

The trend is the result of a company takeover and the expansion of the product range by hydraulic components. The additional production of metal products is considerably more energy-intensive than the production of plastic articles, which is shown by the specific energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

CO2 emission

Thanks to the investment made in our own cogeneration unit in 2016, we can achieve a significantly higher level of efficiency in energy supply. Heat loss is used to achieve an efficiency level – in an ideal situation – of up to 90 %. For comparison: A conventional, coal-operated large power plant brings an efficiency level of approx. 45 %.

We could lower our specific CO2 emissions in 2017 through programs for switching off energy consumers when not in use.

Water consumption

We are always looking for creative and sustainable solutions to reduce consumption. For example, in order to continuously reduce our need for valuable drinking water, we resort to industrial water from the tippers and lead it back to nature. Thus, 88 % of our water consumption is led back in a resource-conserving manner without long transport routes and energy expense can burden the energy balance.

Recycling of the generated waste

In 2017, we reduced the specific volume of waste by 4 %. In 2018, the additional plant in Italy and the extension of hydraulic components program also had an impact on waste generation, similar to the energy requirement. The reason for the sharp increase in waste is the comparatively high weight of steel used to manufacture hose fittings. Nevertheless, in 2018 almost 90 % of our waste was still recyclable and fed into recycling facilities.

Safety and health of our employees

At VOSS, we are a family, and the health of our employees around the world is a priority and a matter very close to our heart. VOSS contributes to the well-being of our employees by providing regular trainings and safety briefings, a clean, tidy, healthy workplace atmosphere.

Occupational safety

At VOSS, the global average for 2018 is 4.0 accidents per 1 million working hours. In comparison: In Germany, for example, the industry average is 22.2 accidents at work. However, we still know that we must continue to work on this in order to arrive at 0 accidents.

Demographics at VOSS

We lay great emphasis on a culturally diverse and balanced work environment. That is why we work with programs to create a balance between the genders. In Germany, for example, we participate in programs such as Girl's Day to create incentives for women in a technical-commercial environment. As a result, we have succeeded in constantly increasing the percentage of women in recent years.

In addition, VOSS is characterized by an age structure that is similar to the global age pyramid – because this is the only way to ensure equal opportunities across all age groups and to ensure that the increasingly young population benefits from older, experienced employees.

Promotion programs and
development options

To secure our corporate success in the long term, we rely on first-class employees. And we develop and promote this with individual and tried-and-tested programs. So for example, with our trainee program, we offer promising prospects to jobseekers. The allocation to different locations across the world, as well as continuous measures for further training offer the management personnel of tomorrow plenty of development options.